//* {Airtight} ::
{2007.12.10 ~ Studio, Professors Neil Denari, Robert Shepherd}

“It is the conceit here that desire should be deployed along the edge of logic, never in opposition to it.”
~ Neil M. Denari

//AIRTIGHT final project :: Intake Experience
This studio was designed as an exploration of the issues of formalism within the larger discourse of contemporary architecture. The challenge was ultimately to design a sales office/ interactive museum [intake experience] to showcase the new Airbus A380, that would directly connect to the full scale operational aircraft - approximately 700 sq. meters that would serve as an immersive mediated experience by which to view the plane.

This solution hinges on the contradistinction between two global generic genres of fluidity – expressionistic shape-making, and a more smooth modernism exemplary in Apple design, staging a discourse in surface geometry as the functioning experiential device, and straddling the division between architecture and industrial design. Static orthogonal geometry [a box] was employed in the exterior of the intake experience to differentiate yet not detract from the sublime experience of the airbus aircraft, while referencing a typology of architecture. This box functions as a container to allow the intake experience to be autonomous from the airbus experience, and the realm of the mediated experiences and that of the airbus itself are differentiated.

The Airbus then functions as a memory device while one is inside, except when a view of the plane is provided to create a point of distinction [issue of scale between the airbus model and the airbus itself, power with the conference room and the engine, distance with the offices and landscape.] The interior’s topological surfaces continue the dialogue of surface geometry and experience begun by the airbus itself, fully exploiting the possibilities of design and manufacturing processes used throughout the aircraft industry and placing them on exhibition, where the occupant circulates between genres of surface geometry.

The tectonic echoes the conceptual dialogue between genres of form-making – the collision of two inherently different structural solutions. The airbus’s performative surface geometry and its concomitant [the topological interior of the intake experience,] are divided by the normative box. The carefully choreographed collision of the interior morphological surfaces with the box operationally erases surface or diminishes poche, creating aperture and at the same time the exterior graphic project - linking by view the morphological interior with the airbus for a prescribed experience. The autonomous structural systems of each morphing blob and the exterior box then converge to form a lattice of structural members holding up a translucent glass roof, creating the light patterning on the interior. ~